History and Styles of the Salwar Kameez Brief about Salwar Kameez

One of the main points that make salwar kameez extremely popular and versatile is the fact that they can be worn by women to the different occasions and festival and it is available in many different types, design, fabric, and pattern. This is the typical Indian outfit because it is so comfortable and People from different regions across the country have their own dressing style for this outfit, which makes it unique in each and every state. This outfit is made from different fabric like cotton, silk, velvet, chiffon, and so many others. It also gives the different look of each salwar kameez by the type of embroidery and print work done on these garments which looks so good.

Historical Background of Salwar Kameez:

It is believed that Kameez and salwar are originated from the costumes of Mughals. Originally from the traditional dress of Punjab, This outfit slowly became popular among the women all around India. It is still very popular in Punjab and extremely important when it comes to the Indian ethnic fashion market.

During the 1980s it was even adopted as a school dress for the girl's age between 10 to 16 in the government schools of India.  And so most the girls from them continued to wear the salwar kameez even for their college and for work as well.


What is Kameez?

Definition: It is a pair of trousers known as the salwarand a tunic called the “kameez”. It is a loose-fitted, knee-length tunic with long sleeves and it is paired with the sheer fabric scarf or shawl known as a dupatta, which is either wear around the neck or over the head.

  • Different patterns may also be embroidered around the sleeves, neckline and side slits of the outfit. Today so many women wear this outfit on the daily basis and it is also considered as one of the comfortable outfits to wear.
  • Even though it looks very simple, it has a very high demand among the women of varying ages. On the basis of different suits, one of the popular types is Anarkali suit, it is back from the Mughal Era and is considered to be one of the most magnificentforms of this outfit. They are heavy and it is defined by the long kurta that is usually either ankle length or floor length.
  • This outfit has a tightly fitted bodice that flares out from under the empire waistline, which creates an interesting long skirt and it has an embroidery work done. This looks so pretty and eye-catching part of the garment. It is believed that this type of suits, the origin comes from Mughal courtesans and members of the Royal family who wore Anarkali suits. It is considered as a culturally relevant in terms of fashion as well on the other hand regular is meant to be worn for more casual events.
  • The Anarkali dress is designed for formal and semi-formal events. Some of the other salwar are dhoti salwar, churidar salwar, Patiala salwar, harem salwar, palazzo salwar.

The popularity of the salwar kameez among young Indian women is connected to the social changes. So many Indian women start to wear saree after they got married or after puberty. But as time passes women in India, they take an interest to wear much comfortable cloth which is salwar kameez. which is also the suitable outfit that met their modesty requirements.